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Career Connect

Career Connect is a summer program that engages middle and high school students in thinking about and planning for their futures.  The goal of the program is to grow students’ knowledge of how to prepare for college and the opportunities available to them after graduation.

Students learn about different career options through college visits, job shadows, and readiness workshops.  The program usually runs throughout the month of June each year and occurs at various locations throughout the Des Moines area.  Transportation is available.

For 2019, we will hold two Career Connect events over Spring Break in addition to our normal summer events.  On Tuesday, March 19, we’ll be touring The Baker Group, while on Wednesday, March 20 we will visit Drake University Law School.  Both events begin at 1:30 pm and will last around two hours.

Also, mark your calendars for summer Career Connect from June 17 to June 20.  To sign up for our Spring Career Connect events, please fill out our application and send it to Malcolm at malcolm@cyconcepts.org.