Stowe Heights Challenge Course

Community Youth Concepts is currently raising money to complete the launch of Polk County’s new Stowe Heights Challenge Course located on the back of Stowe Elementary at 3516 Dubuque Avenue! Thank you to all of our sponsors who have gotten us this far.

A challenge course is a combination of mental and physical challenges requiring groups to work as a team to accomplish goals. Through a series of fun and unusual activities, participants learn valuable information about themselves, each other, and the group as a unit.  The experience allows for all group members to take on something unknown together working on self-determined objectives and pushing on perceived limits while operating under the foundational principle of Challenge By Choice.

Stowe Heights is made of a series of portable, low and high elements are constructed on utility poles and require a belay to ensure safety while low and portable elements are positioned near or on the ground.

For more information, contact Jane Jeffries at  You can also visit the Stowe Heights website at