Youth Volunteer Corps of Des Moines

Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) of Des Moines is a youth-driven and youth-led service learning program hosted and supervised by CYC.  YVC creates volunteer opportunities to address community needs and to inspire youth ages 11-18 for a lifetime commitment to service.

Throughout the school year, YVC meets twice a month on Wednesday evenings at CYC (1446 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway). We also occasionally have large-scale volunteer projects that align with national volunteer days like Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Global Youth Service Day.

You can attend meetings occasionally or frequently; there is no minimum or maximum number of meetings or projects you can sign up for.  If our regular meeting times don’t work with your schedule but you would still like to join us for service projects, you can sign up for our mailing list and receive emails about upcoming projects near you.  For more information about YVC or to join our mailing list, contact [email protected].

Why Volunteer?

By volunteering with YVC, you will have the opportunity to improve your community, learn new skills, and increase your competitiveness for college and scholarships, all while having fun with other youth your age!  For more information about the benefits of YVC, see the 2018 YVC Report.

How to Volunteer?

To volunteer with YVC, please complete our registration form.  You can mail the completed form to CYC (1446 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines, IA 50314) or just bring it with you to your first meeting or project.  Pay attention to the project description as some service projects may require you to bring items such as an agency waiver, sack lunch, or special clothing (e.g. closed-toed shoes) to participate.

What about Summer?

Summer looks differently every year at CYC. Our programming ranges from occasional drop-in service projects to week-long summer camps. We will continue to provide updates and planning for Summer 2023 progresses.

Need Volunteers?

Is your agency or organization in need of a team of passionate youth volunteers for your next big event or project?  Have you seen an unmet community need in Des Moines that we could help with?  To submit your ideas for our next service project or request volunteers for yours, contact Linda at [email protected].

YVC has helped me get out of my comfort zone and allowed me to make new friends.  I enjoy improving our community surrounded by people I am so close with.  I have strengthened not only my ability to communicate with others, try new things, and to get involved more, but my confidence in myself as well.  I love not only being an influence to the students involved, but also how they influence me.  Being surrounded by these people has impacted my life for the better and even just me as a whole.

- YVC Student -