Scholarship Database

Our staff is compiling a scholarship database for students that has a ton of information related to scholarships that students can apply for, tips for searching for and applying for scholarships, and upcoming deadlines.¬† There are scholarships applicable for students from 6th grade through college! This document is consistently being maintained so please check back regularly for the most up-to-date information. Do you know a scholarship that is not currently on the list? Contact Mollie at [email protected] if you have any scholarship information to add or if you need assistance navigating the database. Click here to view the scholarship database.

Resource Guide

Our staff has compiled a Resource Guide for educators, parents, and youth-serving adults that includes a variety of local and national resources related to youth mental health, shelter services, food bank services, legal services, and much more. Click here to download the Resource Guide

Your Life Iowa 

If you or a loved one are facing a problem with alcohol, drugs, gambling, mental health or suicidal thoughts, you’re not alone. That is why the Iowa Department of Public Health has created so Iowans can chat live, text, or call and get reliable information and treatment options, and find nearby help.

Strategic Initiatives to Prevent Drug Overdoses Grant Evaluation Report:

CYC Participated in the SIPDO (Strategic Initiatives to Prevent Drug Overdoses) Grant from 2021-2023. You can view the Evaluation Report published in October 2023 to see the impact of that work in Polk County. 2023 Iowa Report Polk County NEW