Thank a Teacher

Often times students want to thank their teachers but can’t figure out how they want to do it. Spend some time baking some homemade goods, cookies or brownies for example, to donate to your teacher. It might be a good idea to see if the teacher or faculty member has any allergies before moving forward and baking them something they won’t be able to eat. Find out if the teacher or faculty member has a favorite snack or dessert then begin your baking.

Optional: To add in that extra little thank you, make a thank you card to put along with your tasty treat for why you are giving them the gift in the first place. Put some creativity and design into your card!

Supplies: ingredients to bake the item that is chosen (eggs, flour, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, milk….), oven to cook the item, a container or ziplock bag to put the item in once it is ready. Optional items for the thank you cards: paper, stencils, pens/pencils, markers/crayons