Help with a Giving Garden

Across the state of Iowa, there are several neighborhoods that have no access to fresh produce. Known as food deserts, these neighborhoods tends to have higher rates of diet-related illnesses as well as other conditions that can affect their long-term well-being.

Several giving gardens, or gardens specifically made to donate fresh produce, exist across the country and the state of Iowa. Contact a local hunger coalition, like Eat Greater Des Moines, your local United Way, or your local church/synagogue to see if a local giving garden exists in your community.

Ways that you can help:

Offer to start plants from seed (Feb/March)

Assist with planting or building new raised beds (May) and watering (May-September)

Help weed (June-September)

Assist with harvest and transporting to a network that can help distribute food like your local food bank (July-October)

Help tear out expired plants (October/November)