Environmental Movie

Use your imagination, knowledge, creativity, and tech savvy skills to create an environmental movie that will teach others about the importance of taking care of their environment!

Materials needed: computers, DVDs, books, arts and crafts, camera, notebook paper, pencils, any supplies that the students see useful as props in their movie (recyclable materials, garbage can, recycling can, paper, markers, reusable materials, glue, etc…). Or, use the actual environment as a prop!

This project really allows the students to address the issues that students see in their environment. Include the students in planning out all steps of creating the movie, but also make sure you map out a timeline of when the students should have certain goals accomplished such as: choosing a theme/topic, creating the props, beginning taping, putting scenes together, etc. Make sure you give them plenty of time to accomplish each task because you do not want them to feel rushed or get overwhelmed. This project will take patience and perseverance, but when it is all finished give the students an opportunity to invite all of the people they would like to view it and have a few showings for them so they can admire their work and speak with the audience. Also, if possible burn DVDs for the students so they can look back on the project at a later date and also share it with others!