Youth Development Research

Several amazing institutions and think tanks bring us the latest and greatest in the world of youth development on an ongoing basis.  This page will not be a catalog of what everyone else has already compiled, but instead will feature the latest articles that are shaping the way we approach youth work.  These articles will be posted only for a short time below as they will more than likely be housed on one of the other six sites mentioned here for long-term access.

For a compendium of resources and research on youth development strategies, CYC recommends the following six state and national websites:

Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development: The Iowa Collaboration for Youth Development is comprised of ten state agencies that work together to change youth policy and practice.  When this group started in 1999, they pulled together many of the youth development national resource links.  You can also find information related to state data, organizational development, and adolescent development on this site.

Forum for Youth Investment: The Forum for Youth Investment and its founder, Karen Pittman, can be credited with the growing youth development movement on a national scale.  The Forum consistently publishes high level, rigorous documents on a range of youth development policy and strategies as well as weekly columns published in Youth Today, all of which are easily searched on their website.  The Forum is leading the Ready by 21 charge, that is, making sure all youth are ready for school, work, and life by age 21.

Harvard Family Research Project: The Harvard Family Research Project examines several important topics that relate to family stability and education.  Articles can be found on their site that relate to education, out-of-school time, parent involvement, and other research topic areas.

Youth Development Strategies, Inc.:  Michelle Gambone, Ph.D. is a leading researcher in the field of youth development.  On the YDSI site, visitors can find the most up-to-date publishings of their most evaluations.  Gambone’s work continues to influence the field of youth development and provides insight into what works for youth-serving entities.

Public/Private Ventures: Public/Private Ventures tackles the challenges that specifically face low-income communities.  Their work focuses on in and out-of-school time strategies, employment, crime reduction, mentoring, and community health.

CIRCLE: The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement.  CIRCLE is a non-partisan research entity housed at Tufts University that brings a strong research lens to the various facets of civic engagement, specifically as it relates to young Americans.