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Events and Trainings

Career Connect Week 1

Date: June, 4th 2018 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

This week’s events:

June 4: How Do I Pay for College? (Financial Aid) @ CYC.  To kick off Career Connect we will be having representatives from the Iowa College Student Aid Commission to talk about how to prepare for college and what steps you can take right now to set yourself up for success. We’ll also talk about the different options for after high school and the numerous types of financial aid.

June 5: How Do I Get Hired? (Interviews & Resumes) @ CYC.  We’ll be welcoming human resources professionals from several prominent companies who will discuss resume building, interview skills, and the dos and don’ts of landing that job you’ve always wanted.

June 6: Mainframe Studios (the arts) @ Keosauqua Way, Des Moines.  Mainframe Studios provides a permanent affordable workspace for artists and craftspeople who work in dozens of disciplines including clothing design, glass-blowing, graphic design, music, theatre, sculptors, visual artists, and many more. We’ll tour the building and meet some of the amazing artists!

June 7: Understanding the Education and Non-Profit Sector @ CYC.  To close out our first week, we’ll be talking about the education and non-profit sector with representatives from different careers. This sector can include careers as diverse as administrators, counselors, social workers, teachers, and a variety of community workers. They might work in your school or maybe in your local neighborhood or community.