Our Philosophy

A mission-driven organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, Community!Youth Concepts (CYC) promotes the use of positive youth development principles and best practices to connect youth to their community and assist them in the development of skills that will help them be successful today and in the future.

Formed in 2008 by Amy Ostrander Croll and Lynette Marchant, CYC connects the adults in the community with youth to form avenues of change by developing common ground. CYC helps youth discover their passions and then connects them with adults who have similar interests. We believe that with the right opportunities and supports, anything is possible. We also believe the community, as a whole, needs opportunities to learn and explore together. Because of this, we often create space where adults and youth can learn from one another.

While the research tells us what best practice is, CYC interprets that research to provide relevance to the youth worker field. It is a firm belief of CYC that not only do we need to provide opportunities to the youth in our community, but we also have to prepare organizations to be open and accepting to the experiences and views of youth in our community. When youth are supported and feel confident working with adults and adults are open to the experiences and knowledge of our youth, synergy can happen. It is then that authentic change in our community can, and will, occur.
We invite you in to see how CYC is different and encourage you to consider how you want to be part of the change.